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Son of Cop.

Greg Kelly doesn’t accept defunding the police and neither should you.

In his “POLICING IN AMERICA” series this week, Greg shines a light on how difficult it has become to PROTECT AND SERVE!

Our men and women in blue work tirelessly to keep us safe every day.

Greg honors these heroes by showing the good they do and revealing the destruction that takes place when we neglect them.

Defunding the police has caused violent crime to reach dangerous levels in cities around the nation.

It got so bad in Minneapolis, they had to ask for millions in ADDTIONAL funds to cover the loss of hundreds of police officers.

Hear from the family of former African-American police captain David Dorn, who was senselessly killed while stopping looters during the BLM riots in St. Louis this summer.

And crime hits home for Greg when his dad and former New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly comes on set to discuss how New York has fallen into disrepair.

Greg always lets you know where he stands! This week it’s personal.

Catch Greg every night at 7 p.m. ET.

Guests Include:

Ann Dorn and Brian Powell, wife and son, respectively, of slain former police captain David Dorn
     Why Brian calls his dad a hero
     How offensive it is to say all police are racist, when people of all races are police officers.
Senator Tom Cotton (AR)

Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly
     New York’s spiral into violent crime, how the defund police movement has impacted that
     The loss of respect for law enforcement, and disturbing images from the past few weeks.
Senator Rand Paul (KY)

Detroit Police Chief James Craig
     Straight talk about serving in law enforcement today
     What is it like on the streets of Detroit?
Thurs – 4/22
Former NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik and Blue Lives Matter Founder Joe Imperatrice

     The most dangerous aspects of wearing a badge in America
Fri – 4/23
Curtis Houck, NewsBusters managing editor

Craig Shirley, best-selling author
Doug Wead, special assistant to former President George H.W. Bush


Remember the anchorman of yesteryear?

They pretended to be neutral, yet bias prevailed in broadcast news.

The world was slower, and so was their delivery.

Greg Kelly is a battle hardened journalist. And experienced.

Son of a cop. A Marine.

Greg Kelly still believes in old-fashioned values – and that the Founders made Freedom of the Press the First Amendment for good reason.

Greg also knows these freedoms come from great sacrifice.

He served for almost a decade as a Marine Corps combat pilot, making no fewer than 158 aircraft carrier landings.

After serving, he earned his stripes in the front lines of the media world.

He was a combat journalist with Fox News when U.S. troops invaded Iraq in Operation Iraqi Freedom embedding with the U.S. Army’s Third Infantry Division.

Later he worked as the network’s White House Correspondent and was tapped to be co-host of Fox’s #1 rated morning show “Good Day New York.”

Now, Greg is at the helm of Newsmax TV’s nightly news hour Greg Kelly Reports.

Every night he cuts through the media spin, giving you the facts.

And every night he brings the same values that made America a great nation: a commitment to freedom, the willingness to sacrifice for it and a consuming passion for the truth.

He’s one of us.

And he works for you.

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