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With The Newsmax Daily you’ll get the latest top news with Rob Carson’s wit and wisdom to help you understand the events shaping our lives.

Rob holds little back – and tries to find the humor in even the most frightening of news developments, especially when they emanate from the Biden-Harris White House!

Rob’s show opens with his BIG TAKE on the day’s new.

This is followed by his MOST IMPORTANT takeaways from Newsmax TV shows with Greg Kelly, Grant Stinchfield, Sean and Lyndsay and a lot more . . .

He tops off every show with a special, exclusive INSIDER BRIEFING with some of the biggest players in politics, business and American life!

Millions are tuning into The Newsmax Daily with Rob Carson.

You’ll also get to know Rob Carson, a nationally acclaimed radio talk show host.

Rob’s done time on the biggest talk shows in places like Chicago, Washington, D.C. San Francisco, Dallas, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Nashville, Phoenix, Minneapolis, New York City, and Baltimore.

Rob is also a comedy writer whose political satire has been a staple on the Rush Limbaugh radio show for over two decades.

Now, he’s also the host of the popular TV show “Rob Carson’s What in the World?” which airs every Saturday on the Newsmax network.

Rob also is an accomplished podcaster who talks politics, pop culture, comedy, and oddly enough, food!

He also has extensive experience as a cooking/lifestyle video host and amateur chef – and has a growing belly to prove it!

So tune in for Rob’s biggest news (and laughs) . . . .