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  • Jenn Pellegrino
  • Mark Morgan, Fmr. Acting CBP Commissioner
  • Jason Nichols, Democrat Political Analyst
  • Mercedes Schlapp, Fmr. White House Strategic Senior Advisor


  • Hunter Biden plans to claim second amendment right to bear arms while on crack, according to a report.
  • House Oversight Chair James Comer plans to review a document on Monday that he alleges links then-VP Joe Biden to a “bribery scheme.”
  • 18 states are suing the Biden Administration over redefining “illegal border crossing” as “lawful pathways” as the border crisis rages on.
  • The squad will discuss media and White House reaction to Joe Biden’s major fall at Air Force commencement speech.
  • TV networks are battling for Republican debates. Does the mainstream media disregard their efforts to censor conservatives when it is profitable for them? Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis gave a preview of what debates might look like as they take jabs at each other in dueling appearances in Owa.
  • Dee-Santis or Deh-Santis? How does Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis pronounce his last name? His campaign team won’t say. The internet is going crazy over it.
  • The squad predicts how long until A.I. may achieve a total societal takeover after a top U.S. Air Force official said an A.I. drone could turn on its operator if it disagreed with its orders.


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For over a decade Chris served as a CNN correspondent reporting from all across the globe while covering the Pentagon, with a focus on the military, national security, and intelligence.

Chris received the Edward R. Murrow Award for his outstanding coverage from the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001.

He is no stranger to war. He covered Operation Desert Shield following Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait, running news pool operations from Saudi Arabia.

In his role as a reporter and producer, Chris has piloted fighter jets, flown off of aircraft carriers, driven nuclear-powered warships, and jumped out of perfectly good airplanes.

He has covered everything from presidential inaugurations to the everyday politics of Washington, D.C., and even street crime.

Old school journalism is in Chris’ blood. The son of famed CBS correspondent Bill Plante, he’s the third generation of his family to thrive in radio and television news.

And he may be the only Washington journalist to have been awarded both the Edward R. Murrow Award and the Reed Irvine Accuracy In Media Award for Excellence in Journalism.

Chris lives in Washington, D.C., with his wife.


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