The Chris Salcedo Show

Chris Salcedo | Weekdays 8am-10am & 2am ET

The Chris Salcedo Show features your “LIBERTY LOVING LATINO,” a conservative Hispanic who confronts the biased and unfair press, both political parties, and the extremist left — every day.


The Brett Winterble Show

Brett Winterble | Weekdays 10am-12pm ET

Brett Winterble is a 20 year veteran of radio and television. He doesn’t take sides he just talks about what interesting to you in a funny and insightful way. When he’s not on Newsmax TV, Winterble can also be heard on AM 760 in San Diego.


Greg Kelly Reports

Greg Kelly | Weekdays 7pm & 2am ET | Saturdays 10am ET | Sundays 1pm ET

The hardest-hitting stories from coast to coast: We take you from the Beltway to the Rust Belt and beyond — never forgetting we’re here to enlighten, expose, inform, and spotlight the stories that matter to you.


John Tabacco’s Liquid Lunch

John Tabacco | Weekdays 12pm-2pm & 4am ET

Markets, news, and politics shaken and served with a twist everyday LIVE on Newsmax!


National Report

Bob Sellers | Weekdays 2pm-4pm ET

“National Report” with host Bob Sellers airs each weekday live from Newsmax TV studios in Manhattan, bringing viewers across the heartland breaking news, and in-depth analysis on the day’s news. Using the vast resources of Newsmax, this program brings viewers the latest from Washington, Hollywood, the financial markets, and capitals across the world. Filled with newsmakers, the program is a mix of straight news, live interviews with newsmakers, lively debate segments with panelists, as well as segments on health, personal finance, and lifestyle.


Newsmax Now

John Bachman | Weekdays 6pm & 9pm & 3am ET

Newsmax Now Anchor John Bachman distills the day’s biggest stories and brings the audience a clear, concise and informative broadcast. In this daily show, you will watch as experts and guests provide insight and analysis.


The Wayne Allyn Root Show

Wayne Allyn Root | Weekdays 8pm & 10pm & 6am ET | Saturdays 10am ET

Wayne Allyn Root is a true conservative media dynamo. He brought his Las Vegas based talk program to USA Radio Networks in 2017. Bestselling New York Times author, he is also a former Libertarian Presidential candidate who won the party’s 2008 Vice-Presidential nomination. Root is a fierce, enthusiastic and relentless defender of Reagan conservatism, Libertarianism, and capitalism.


Conversations with Nancy Brinker

Nancy Brinker |

Sit down with Nancy Brinker, founder of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, as she talks to some of the nation's most powerful and influential personalities.


Income Generation

David Scranton | Sundays 10am ET

The Income Generation isn’t just another show about retirement planning or the financial markets. It’s the only show that tackles the challenges and concerns unique to everyday investors over 50: hardworking Americans within 15 years of retirement who want—and need—to know how best to protect their money and generate income in today’s uncertain and unstable economic climate. With guests that include some of today’s most respected economists and analysts, host David Scranton cuts through the media hype, debunks popular myths, and exposes the financial planning secrets Wall Street doesn’t want you to know about. Every week on The Income Generation!


Special Features

American Moment

An insightful look into the people, places and events that helped shape America and her history.


An American Life

An American Life


An American Place

America is defined by the diversity of her people and the rich history of liberty and freedom. Across the nation landmarks, neighborhoods, parks and even landscapes demonstrate our national heritage. No one can visit them all, but Newsmax brings them to you with An American Place. Explore Presidential Estates, National Monuments and fascinating places where our national identity was forged. You'll never have to wonder again "if these walls could talk." An American Place tells the unique stories behind our most treasured destinations.


Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring hosted by Callista Gingrich focuses on the American system of government and the rights and individual freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution. From the declaration of independence to founding of the constitution each episode take us on a journey back in time to the founding of the U.S. government.


You and The Law

Each episode of You and The Law, professor Alan Dershowitz tackles legal issues that affect our everyday lives.



Interviews of leading medical and health professionals on topics of all kinds.



Advice about the latest career, legal, parenting, real estate, and technology news.



Max2Money – Want to make the most of your investments? Max2Money cover a range of financial topics such as investing in bonds, lowering your estate tax, and retirement planning. Each episode give you tips to help you make the best decisions for your financial future.


White House Menus

Chef John Moeller is a member of an elite corps of chefs, those who have served in the White House preparing très soigné cuisine for Presidents, First Families, and their guests, including visiting Heads of State. Chef to three First Families, including President George H.W. Bush, President William Jefferson Clinton, and President George W. Bush. Each episode of White House Menus, Chef Moeller shows how to prepare one of his signature dishes and gives you an inside look at what its like to cook for a president.


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