I Spotted !

Newsmax was Spotted! Joan H. took this picture of Newsmax live on the Boca Raton Hotel in Boca Raton, FL. Thank you Joan and our friends at the Boca Raton Hotel!

Have You SPOTTED Newsmax TV?

All across America Newsmax viewers and fans have been sending us pictures of Newsmax TV live on televisions in restaurants, bars, beauty salons, banks, airports, hotels and anywhere the public meets.

Newsmax wants to feature those venues that you spot who are showing Newsmax TV.

Here’s how you can help us:

  1. If Newsmax is SPOTTED by you, take a picture and send it to Newsmax with the upload button below.
  2. Include details of the establishment name, location and any other information.
  3. Newsmax may confirm they do air our channel.
  4. Make sure your picture includes some of the venue, not just a close up of the tv screen.
  5. Make sure your photo is taken horizontally (in landscape mode).


It’s that simple!

So keep on the lookout for Newsmax TV and start clicking!

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I Spotted Newsmax TV!

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