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An award-winning investigative journalist, Grant Stinchfield digs deep to provide viewers with all the facts.

Every night, his show STINCHFIELD leaves no stones unturned in covering the stories that capture our attention.

Whether it’s the Biden Administration’s current immigration disaster at our southern border or the radical agenda of the WOKE MOVEMENT, Stinchfield takes you into the middle of the story.

Thousands of immigrant children in cages.

Undermining American life with an anarchist agenda.

The Democrat leadership and President Biden are embracing these disastrous polices.

What STINCHFIELD finds will surprise and even shock you!

Don’t miss the major news of each day on STINCHFIELD at 8 p.m. ET.

Guests Include:


KT McFarland, former Trump Deputy National Security Advisor/Author of “Revolution: Trump, Washington and ‘We The People.’”:
     Discusses national security threat from caravans traveling to U.S.

Samaire Armstrong,
     Hollywood Actress and Conservative Female Activist: Why does Lester Holt say fairness is overrated in reporting the news?

Patti Wood,
     Body Language Expert: What is Joe Biden’s body language saying?


Sebastian Gorka, Host of Newsmax TV’s “The Gorka Reality Check,” Fmr. White House Advisor, Trump Administration, Host of “America First with Dr. Sebastian Gorka” on the Salem Radio Network 

Anna Paulina Luna, (R) Fmr. Florida Congressional Candidate and United States Air Force Veteran

Alex Clark, Turning Point USA Spokesperson; Host of “@POPlitics”


Rep. Mo Brooks (R) Alabama

Amy Jo Clark and Miriam Weaver, Co-Hosts, The Chicks on the Right

Dick Morris, Host of Newsmax TV’s “Dick Morris Democracy,” Advisor to Presidents Clinton and Trump


Matthew Whitaker, Former Acting U.S. Attorney General

Doug Schoen, Democratic strategist

Grace Curley, Host of “The Grace Curley Show” on WRKO680

Sheriff David Clarke, Fmr. Sheriff, Milwaukee  


Mark Morgan, Former acting U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner

Jillian Anderson, Publicist & Media Relations Director, ProActive Communications

Isabel Brown, Turning Point USA (TPUSA) Spokesperson, Conservative Gen Z Activist and Commentator


KT McFarland, Fmr. Trump Deputy National Security Advisor, Author of “Revolution: Trump, Washington and We The People”

Samaire Armstrong, Hollywood Actress and Conservative Female Activist

Patti Wood, Body Language Expert

America Is Watching STINCHFIELD:

Grant Stinchfield is every man . . . and woman in America who wants honesty, fairness and decency.

His hit new show STINCHFIELD is his platform to fight for you.

As a television and radio journalist for over 25 years, Grant knows he’s fighting for Americans like you . . .

He’s your advocate to the most powerful people in the Congress, the media, and even in the White House.

Few people understand how government and the media work.

For almost two decades he worked for NBC at some of their most important news stations.

He became a popular radio show host on Dallas’ KLIF and later became the lead host for NRATV.

In all his roles he knows that all of our freedoms depend on courage.

That’s why he’s not afraid to ask the tough questions, to tell the truth, and fight for you.

He does it because Grant believes America is too great a nation to give it away to the bad guys.

Watch STINCHFIELD every weekday night . . . and find out why millions of Americans are tuning into Grant.

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