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Grant Stinchfield is an investigative reporter with the mindset of a professional wrestler.

He’s always pushing for the truth.

Grant takes a rough and rumble approach to a wide variety of hot button issues.

Viewers will “GET THE SCOOP” on:

  • The mainstream media continuing to deceive the public
  • The Biden Administration continuing to fumble the BORDER CRISIS
  • COVID 2.0, Fauci and Media, and the CDC ever changing guidelines

“STINCHFIELD” is a powerful show that never disappoints.

Watch. Listen. Learn. “STINCHFIELD” at 9 p.m. ET

Guests include:

Monday, July 26, 2021
Rep. Dan Crenshaw, (R) Texas
Dr. Richard McCormick, ER Physician
Jenna Ellis, Former Legal Advisor to President Trump, Host “Just The Truth” and Newsmax Contributor

America Is Watching STINCHFIELD:

Grant Stinchfield is every man . . . and woman in America who wants honesty, fairness and decency.

His hit new show STINCHFIELD is his platform to fight for you.

As a television and radio journalist for over 25 years, Grant knows he’s fighting for Americans like you . . .

He’s your advocate to the most powerful people in the Congress, the media, and even in the White House.

Few people understand how government and the media work.

For almost two decades he worked for NBC at some of their most important news stations.

He became a popular radio show host on Dallas’ KLIF and later became the lead host for NRATV.

In all his roles he knows that all of our freedoms depend on courage.

That’s why he’s not afraid to ask the tough questions, to tell the truth, and fight for you.

He does it because Grant believes America is too great a nation to give it away to the bad guys.

Watch STINCHFIELD every weekday night . . . and find out why millions of Americans are tuning into Grant.

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